The Truth About Breonna Taylor


A crowd gathered yesterday to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s death.

“There’s been some singing here today, Alex. But right now the mood is a lot of hurt and anger,” the MSNBC reporter says. “Benjamin Crump is still speaking, he’s one of the lead lawyers working on Breonna Taylor’s case from the start.”

Ben Crump gets huge settlements for the deaths of black people even if there is no crime. The Floyd family just got $27 million, an extraordinary amount as businesses are folding due to lockdowns with little or no financial help. How much will Ashli Babbitt get?

The Floyd settlement was announced as Derek Chauvin’s trial opened.

Crump wants a big settlement for Taylor’s family. He’s keeping it in the news which is easy to do with the activist cable media.


Fox News reported there were riots over Miss Taylor in major cities.

Major cities on the West Coast were among those seeing riots and protests Saturday night as demonstrators marked the one-year anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s death in a police raid in Louisville, Kentucky.

Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland all saw clashes between crowds and police, with numerous arrests reported.

In Los Angeles, some demonstrators smashed store windows and threw rocks at police officers in Hollywood.


Breonna Taylor didn’t deserve to die, and it was a tragic accident as she ran in the line of fire after her boyfriend fired when police knocked on his door three times announcing themselves, according to at least one neighbor. Ms. Taylor was living with the alleged drug dealer who has escaped trial due to the publicity surrounding his late girlfriend’s case.

Since the family demanded the release of more and more documents, we have discovered Breonna was ‘deeply involved’ with alleged drug dealers. More than 5,000 pages were released and they don’t make Ms. Taylor look good.

There is NO evidence race had anything to do with anything. It was an accidental shooting death caused by Breonna’s boyfriend who shot first claiming he didn’t know they were the police. One officer was seriously injured.

Breonna’s boyfriend, who shot at police and originally blamed Breonna, appears to be more deeply involved in drug dealing than originally known. From the evidence gathered, it looks like she was involved in drug buys and in taking calls.

(Click here for Breonna Taylor report)

[New Investigative File For Breonna Taylor Case] 10/9/2020

There were a lot of lies told by Black Lives Matter about the case to whip up the early sentiment on her behalf.

One officer has been charged in the case for shooting carelessly. It’s a minor charge, but they needed a fall guy. His bullets landed in the next apartment. As of now, the trial for the former Louisville police Officer Brett Hankison is set for Aug. 31 in Jefferson County.


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