Totalitarianism reaches a US territory


Totalitarianism has reached the US territory of Guam by way of the governor’s Executive Order No. 2021-19 and ‘health expert’ advice.  The regulations are arbitrary and freedom-robbing plus they will be backed up by police enforcement.

The Order mandates vaccine passports for almost all public establishments, sports, and gatherings. These establishments also have to keep a detailed log of customers, employees, or participants. Everyone has to present their vaccine passport, except children under 12. Employees need to prove they’ve had at least one shot, along with weekly testing.

Everyone has to wear a face mask at all times, even outside,  even at the beach, except temporarily such as when eating or drinking, and a few other activities.

No more than 10 vaccinated people and no more than 25 unvaccinated during contact sports and other gatherings.

The police will enforce it and the kicker is establishments have the freedom to make the restrictions worse if they want. Only the people are without freedom.

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