Trafalgar’s final map shows big Trump win in the Electoral College


Trafalgar Group has President Trump winning big in the Electoral College where the race must be won. A Republican can no longer win the popular vote because of the socially-engineered demographics.


On the other hand, Rasmussen’s final tally gives Biden a 1 point lead:

Rasmussen has President Trump’s job approval at 52%. They have him losing Pennsylvania 49% to 45%, and nationally with Biden at 48% and Trump at 47%. 26% of Black voters say they will vote for Donald Trump. 59% of non-whites, not Black, say they approve of the job the President is doing.

They have Arizona in Trump’s win column, 48% to 45% but 4% are undecided.

Rasmussen has Trump beating Biden 49-46% in Florida, 48-47% in North Carolina.


The Trafalgar Group published its final Electoral College map. They are the only pollsters to get it right in 2016.

Trafalgar Group has President Trump leading Joe Biden in Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Michigan. That would give him the Electoral votes he needs.

The Trafalgar Group has Trump leading in battleground states:

The same group says Trump will win big. By rights, he should. His opponents are supporting communism, but, unfortunately, the media is hiding what they are.

Trafalgar has Arizona down as pink. It would be a very helpful win for the President.


RCP averages all the polls and they have the senile guy and his communist running mate winning big. They also have Democrats winning the Senate. If that happens, it’s over for the USA. They were all wrong in 2016. If they are wrong again, their careers should be over.


The United States is going through a neo-Marxist — communist — revolution.

Despite the many obvious signs, most people in this country are still unaware it is taking place. Not only do they not recognize that this is an attempted revolution, the idea that it could be a Marxist one seems completely implausible.

Americans appear to think the idea is a conspiracy theory brought about by the right who see Bolsheviks in every protest and every critical race theory training session or in college classes throughout the nation. This couldn’t be happening, could it?

Many also think the ideology was eradicated. It has not been erased.

History shows us Marxism is wrong, evil, and leads to enslavement and brutality. Just the same, it is alive and well because people who like the concept believe it just hasn’t been done right. This time it will be done correctly and we will all live in Utopia.

Marxism shapes – directly or indirectly – the worldview of many in the American intelligentsia, many of whom hold important posts at universities, in the media and in government.


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Al Collins
Al Collins
3 years ago

Biden’s group admit to being Socialist. Remember the last guy to take over an industrialized country with a strong military history? His name was Adolph Hitler~ ! So many forget that the NAZI PARTY was the National Socialist party of Germany. Worked out great for Germany, huh? NOT!! DO not make the same mistake, America!

3 years ago