US Tax Dollars to UN Given to Foreigners to Get Them to Come Illegally


The Conservative Daily Podcast reports that Todd Bensman traveled to Mexico recently and personally witnessed officials with the United Nations International Organization for Migration giving pre-paid cards to illegal aliens so they can afford to travel to the US. An illegal alien family of four will get 800 dollars a month from the UN until they reach the United States.

This has happened for years.

In 2019, Congress paid over 11 Billion to UN entities. Roughly 22% of all UN funding comes from American Taxpayers.

They are literally using US tax dollars to help the illegal aliens reach the United States and form a new country within a country that includes a permanent underclass.

Every cent that the United States sends to the United Nations ends up being used against us and against our interests, according to the hosts of the podcast, Joel Oltman and Max McGuire.

According to the podcast hosts, “Funding we send to the WHO ends up being used to cover up China’s role in releasing Covid-19 from the lab. Money sent to UNESCO – an organization meant to protect world heritage sites – ends up being used against Israel. Funding sent to the UNRWA gets funneled into Palestinian terrorism. The billions sent to the UN’s Green Climate Fund got redistributed to China and India so they can steal even more American jobs. And now we know that the UN IOM is giving prepaid debit cards to illegal aliens in Central America to help them reach the US border…”

As we have written at the Sentinel, we are paying for our own demise

The spending bill being rushed to Congress to fund the government increases aid to the UN to the highest level in US history.

The Left is using the UN to fulfill its agenda since Congress won’t approve it. The NAACP frequently uses the UN to trash the US and whites to drive a wedge between white and black Americans. They were a wonderful organization years ago, but now they are just Marxists.

Barack Obama used the UN to attempt gun regulations in the US and various oppressive and freedom-robbing environmental and climate regulations.

He also did it with our borders. His reputation as the great deported was a fallacy. He let a lot of people in through the borders.


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