Tragic Massive Fire in Notre Dame, Video of the Moment the Spire Fell


The fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris cannot be stopped at this point, days before Easter Sunday. This is a cathedral that survived barbarians for nearly a thousand years, even the Nazis. The construction of the cathedral began in 1163 and it was completed 100 years later.

The spire has fallen and the roof of the cathedral is gone. It is under renovation and some are guessing the two things are connected. The fire is still raging. Firefighters can’t even get fire retardants or water to the cathedral.

There are water reservoirs in parts of the Cathedral but nothing is happening. Nothing is happening to stop it.


Trump has reacted.



  1. Schleppy Sheppy on FAUX got riled up over an observer even making the insinuation of peaceful religion involvement.
    France is already part of the Euro Caliphate now anyway so just keep moving nothing to see here.

  2. Great coverage. The French cannot ever reach the roof with water. They are as ineffective now as when they sat and watched the Nazis invade.

  3. How I miss the mighty F France page. A snowflake would need a crayon crisis intervention with Play Doh even reading one paragraph from that page.
    Maybe their Euroweenie marshmallow soft leader can climb over the wall with his GILF wife to save all the money the catholics have stashed in art and in the basement?

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