Tragic Scene in South Baltimore, 30 Shot – Gang Violence?


Thirty people were tragically shot, two fatally, in Baltimore at a block party. An 18-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene, and a 20-year-old man was pronounced dead at a hospital “a short time later,” according to the Baltimore Police Department.

The partygoers were celebrating Brooklyn Day.

30 shot in S. Baltimore, 2 deceased, 3 critical

Twenty-eight other victims were taken to or walked into hospitals, police said, adding that three victims were in critical condition early Sunday.

Police are looking for those responsible and their motive, Worley said. Detectives “are going to be here quite a while,” he said, to comb through what he called “an extensive crime scene.”

“This morning, all of Baltimore is grieving for the lives that we lost here,” Mayor Brandon Scott (D) said during the news conference.

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott made a statement at the scene: “I want those who are responsible to hear me and hear me very clearly.

“We won’t stop looking for you until we do, and we will. In the interim, I sincerely hope that every breath you take causes you to reflect on the lives you took and the lives you impacted here tonight.

Scott commanded, “Handle this as if it were your family.” How you would want others to act if you were in mourning, if this was your neighborhood, or if this had occurred at an event in your community? As Baltimoreans, we must treat one another in this manner, so we ask that you do.

The articles blame gun violence, but it’s likely the result of gang violence. Baltimore has strict gun laws, but criminals don’t care about gun laws. The media and police won’t tell people the truth. Even when you call to get information, they won’t tell you if they suspect gangs. But South Baltimore is gangland.

South Baltimore is destroyed by gang violence and failing schools. In Baltimore, in 23 schools, children cannot do grade-level math.

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