Training video of Afghan ‘soldiers’ after 7 years of training and billions of $$$


During the twenty years the US was in Afghanistan, we were told the billions sent over to Afghanistan included allocations to train Afghan troops so they can defend their own country. In the clip below, you will get to see the results of seven years of training. This was during Barack Obama’s tenure.

One trainer said he believes 75% to 80% of the Afghan ‘soldiers’ are drug addicts. They are undisciplined, stupid, and ignorant, says another. Most are there because they were kicked out of their villages.

There is no sense of urgency or conformity to rules by these ‘soldiers’ and at the first sign of trouble, they will head for the hills, says a trainer in the clip.

As for the 300,000-man Afghan army, that’s another lie. There are 182,000 and the rest are police, who are just as corrupt. And it’s another lie that we are being told. No one thought these men would protect a country that basically doesn’t exist. It’s a land of unlike tribes with warlords.

Watch — it’s not the Babylon Bee:

Via WorldStar

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