Trans election judge charged for tampering and altering ballots


Elections judge Everett “Erika” Bickford, a transgender,  was charged with election code violations in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She inserted and altered entries in documents, and pried into ballots, both misdemeanors. reported that Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin on Monday announced charges against elections judge in Allentown’s 3rd Ward.

Bickford is accused of tampering with ballots during the Democratic primary race for state representative between Enid Santiago and Peter Schweyer.

Bickford allegedly inserted and altered entries in documents, and pried into ballots. Both are misdemeanors.

During an interview with detectives, Bickford said she did not alter any ballots or change the voter’s choices, but admitted darkening some bubbles they chose.

Bickford also said she “trimmed” ballots’ jagged edges so the machine would accept them.

Bickford, who is also a community organizer, isn’t charged with trying to affect the race.


Detectives examined all of the ballots cast at the 3rd Ward polling place and found no evidence of erasure marks, whiteout, or any other indications of a double vote in any of the races listed on the ballot, Martin said. They also found no spoiled or discarded, ballots.

Santiago, however, says she stole the election for Schweyer.

Bickford won’t resign and says she didn’t do anything wrong or immoral.

Santiago said the election should not have been certified.

The election is just Democrat against Democrat. There is no Republican.

It is easy to alter ballots and anyone who would alter or pry in any way should be fired, but that might not happen.

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