Treason in the United States of America


Illegal foreigners violently broke into the US through El Paso today. This is insanity, and it’s treason. Hundreds ran through, knocking down law enforcement.

Some of these violent people breaking into our country will hurt Americans. The government is supposed to protect us from this, not create it.

The Post witnessed around 600 migrants amassed at the international border, who the Texas National Guard were attempting to push back in small groups amid a ‘spring surge’ of migrants arriving to the southern border hoping to get asylum in the US.

They are not sending their best.

Hundreds of anonymous people stormed the Texas border and overwhelmed the troops in El Paso.

How long before we see IEDs and bodies hanging upside down from overpasses? Perhaps something much worse.

The Democrat traitors and their RINO enablers are doing it for three big reasons.

First, illegal foreigners will be counted in apportioning House seats and electoral votes. Second, there is no citizen verification in the United States, and the courts won’t allow it. Mass mail-in voting increases the number of illegal votes. Third, as soon as these illegals give them the power, Democrats will allow illegals to vote.

If Democrats get rid of the filibuster, it’s all over, and we have a one-party state with communist and socialist Democrats in charge. It makes the French Revolution more understandable, and we must never see that here.

The Lectern Guy is the one Democrats fear.

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