Weaponized DOJ Sues Apple Over Their Encryption Code


The Department of Justice has launched an antitrust lawsuit against Apple, accusing them of monopolizing the smartphone market. If you remember, the Department of Justice has continually pressured Apple to give them backdoor access so they can spy on users.

Apple has refused and spent a great deal of money for lawyers to fight them off. Ironically, they now sued them for not giving the private sector competitors a back door to their devices. It’s just a sleazy way for them to get a back door for themselves.

For one thing, Apple claims that because their chat bubble turns color when someone on an Android uses it, the DOJ claims it makes GenZers feel poor. The reason it changes color is to show that it was delivered safely. It’s to keep people from being hacked.

The other question concerns Siri, which is not as good as Alexa because it doesn’t contain all the information on the cloud. It’s limited to the phone data.

This is what a weaponized Department of Justice looks like. The only ones who like this are bureaucrats and people who don’t have information about the lawsuit and its purpose.

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