Trucker Vax Mandate – as Vax Strategy Fails – Will Worsen Supply Chain


The cross-border vaccine mandate for American truckers begins January 22nd as part of the Dept of Homeland Security protocol. It parrots the mandate imposed in Canada last week that prohibits unvaccinated truckers from crossing into Canada from the U.S.

This is going on while the EU, UK, and The WHO are recommending dumping the vaccination strategy since it’s unsustainable. Additionally, truck drivers sit alone in these trucks. Why do they have to be vaccinated? They were heroes for 20 months and now the imbecile in the White House and the other ‘leader’ in Canada are not following science. They are also heartless.

One potential effect of fewer truckers in general and soon-to-be fewer truckers crossing the northern border is on prices. The U.S. is currently suffering 7% inflation. A shortage of truckers to transport imports would lead to a scarcity of goods and higher prices, The Washington Examiner reports.

Bob Costello, the association’s chief economist and senior vice president of international trade policy and cross-border operations, said in a statement to the Washington Examiner that the governments of the U.S. and Canada should reconsider the vaccine mandates to “avoid any further economic disruptions.”

“We believe these mandates will only serve to push drivers out of the industry or away from these routes, further straining the supply chain between the U.S. and our biggest trading partner,” he said.

NBC News reports the border restriction will make the automotive supply chain issue worse, according to Doug Betts, president of the global automotive division at J.D. Power, a data and analytics company focused on the auto industry. He noted that auto parts come from all over the world and one obstruction in the chain can significantly slow or stop production.


[…]  In Michigan, Brian Hitchcock, owner of MBH Trucking LLC, said he expects his freight transportation company to lose 40 percent in revenue because only five of his 30 drivers are vaccinated, leaving the others ineligible to haul diesel exhaust fuel back and forth from Ontario, Canada, to Michigan.

“And it’s all because we can’t cross the border,” he said. “It’s affecting every sector of what we use in this country.”

Hitchcock, also the interim executive director of the Michigan Trucking Association, said he’s spoken with 15 other trucking companies who have about 400 drivers, 75 percent of whom are unvaccinated.  

“How do you force a mandate on a bunch of truck drivers who have been out there on the front line for 20 months and never asked for anything?” he said. “They were the ones that kept our economy moving and supplies (going), so you never ran out of food,” he said. 


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