Truckers Begin to Arrive in Ottawa as Trudeau Hides. Let’s Go, Brandon


Here come the truckers — entering Ottawa — as Justin Trudeau pretends he has to quarantine. Trudeau is not ill, and could easily go out and talk to them while he socially distances himself but he’s a coward, IMHO.

I’ve been reading polls that say the people stand with Trudeau but I am getting mail from Canadians saying it’s not the case, they hate him. A couple of the emails were in French.

One of the leaders of the convoy, who was on Tucker last night, said that Trudeau was behind Biden telling US truckers they had to be vaccinated.

Let’s go, Brandon!

When the media does report on the truckers, they lie.

Here is the truth from the truckers:

The truckers are NOT anti-vaccine. They are mostly vaccinated — 85% of them are vaccinated. They are anti-mandates by oppressive tyrants.

They condemn the Canadian Trucking Alliance which is opposed to the protest.

Forced vaccinations and lockdowns must stop.

Emergency vehicles will NOT be blocked.

There is a strict procedure for doling out the donations.

This is not a “small, fringe” group as Trudeau proclaimed. It could be the largest protest in Canadian history.

Russell Brand praises their unique way of protesting. The one thing that might unite many on the left and right is a love of freedom:

Minorities support the truckers:

It’s French Canadians too!

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