Trudeau on Truckers: “Very Angry Right-Wing Extremists” But He’s Selfless as He Fears Violence


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is now the victim after destroying the livelihoods of countless Canadians. He’s pretending the truckers are violent extremists attempting to destroy ‘democracy.’

He too has a corrupt media he can count on.

Trudeau is concerned about violence?  Why?  Where’s his evidence?


“Of course, I’m concerned,” Trudeau said in an interview Friday with The Canadian Press.

While key organizers have said violence won’t be tolerated, far-right extremists and white nationalists have latched onto it, with some calling for “bullets” or a “massive revolution” or a riot akin to the insurrectionists who stormed the U.S. Capitol in Washington a year ago, Trudeau wants us all to believe.

“A number of people are there without wanting to incite violence but there are going to be, as we’ve heard, a small group of people in there who are posing a threat to themselves, to each other, to Canadians.”

He decided it’s a small number of “very angry” people.


He claims it’s not a “freedom convoy,” but rather it is a forum for a small minority of “very angry” people opposed to all public health measures to curb COVID-19. Trudeau also claims some called for violence.

“The problem is this has morphed into something a lot larger that doesn’t represent what the vast majority of truckers are going through, or indeed the vast majority of Canadians’ perspective on this,” Trudeau said.

If Canadians are not represented, who are all those people lining the streets and shooting off fireworks as the convoy passes by?

“Canadians are not represented by this very troubling, small but very vocal minority of Canadians who are lashing out at science, at government, at society, at mandates and public health advice.”


He presents himself as a selfless public servant who sacrifices himself in his position. That’s just so slimy and why people hate politicians.

“It doesn’t worry me that it’s personal. That’s sort of what you sign up for when you run for office, to a certain extent. You know there’s going to be lots of people who disagree with you and are going to express that disagreement. That comes with the territory,” he said.

“But threats of violence shouldn’t come with the territory for anyone who steps up to serve, whether it’s as a politician, as a local representative or even as a public health official or a doctor. That doesn’t have a place.”

He must be an Alinsky-ite. This is the process Alinsky would follow. Demonize your opponents without evidence, ridicule them, and use the media to abuse them.

If you hold “unacceptable views”, that is, views opposing his, you must be assimilated one way or the other.

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