Trudeau Tells Canadians They Have No Right to Self-Defense with a Gun


Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said this week that guns are for hunting and target practice, but never for self-defense. So, what? If you have a chance to save your life with a gun and have a gun, you have to let the person kill you or go to prison?

He is continuing his crusade against firearms. Trudeau, who is pushing a sweeping measure aimed at freezing the sale, purchase, or transfer of handguns in Canada, told the Pod Save America podcast his country takes a completely different view of firearms than its southern neighbor.

No one in Canada has a right to defend themselves, their family or their property with a firearm, Trudeau declared, Daily Wire reports.

“You can’t use a gun for self-protection in Canada. It’s not a right that you have,” says Trudeau. Criminals could potentially harm you and your family with ILLEGAL guns, but YOU, law-abiding citizen, do not have the right to defend yourself with a LEGAL gun, one Twitter user posted. He included the clip.

As an aside, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum basically said Canada is the test case for his Great Reset.

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