True the Vote’s Engelbrecht describes a chilling possibility


Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote is deeply concerned about the push for mail-in voting, and she would know. She is a champion for fair and just voting and formed True the Vote to protect our votes.


In several interviews over the last week, she explained that there is such a thing as widespread voter fraud. She brought up the 2008 election of Al Franken who defeated incumbent Norm Coleman for the Senate in Minnesota. After months of recounts and new mail-in ballots popping up, he turned a loss into a victory. At least 400 of the votes were cast by convicted felons who voted illegally. The margin of victory was 312 votes.

There are other similar examples.


The process of mail-in voting is unmanageable in large numbers.

True the Vote is suing the governor of Virginia as he attempts to enact mail-in voting across the state instantly. The governor, Blackface Northam declared everybody in Virginia to be disabled, so they could meet the standard for their purposes to usher in full mail-in. Along with that, he removed the security provisions of signature comparison and removed some of the standards around postmarks.

Englebrecht’s group is also suing Nevada, where the secretary of state, by administrative fiat, announced that the whole state would be mail-in, and she removed the signature provisions.

Clark County will hire vote harvesters. Even though vote harvesting is illegal in Nevada, Clark County is now putting them on their payroll.

Hillary Clinton’s attorney, Marc Elias, is responsible for all of this, and he’s not stopping at Virginia and Nevada.


Ballot harvesting is common in states with mail-in voting. It was used to turn Orange County, California deep blue. It was seen in Troy, NY, and many other places.

Engelbrecht said, “If Nancy Pelosi has her way, ballot harvesting is going to be standard fare. What ballot harvesting does specifically is it empowers community organizers, and special interest groups to distribute and that collect ballots without limitation n. That has so many prolems attendant to it, we could go through them all – but the one that always comes to mind for me first is what this means in vulnerable communities, particularly in communities where you have a higher population of the elderly, who can be intimidated.”

“Here in Texas, we’re part of a case that was filed with the secretary of state and attorney general that proved up ballot harvesting in nursing homes, and how these harvesters were using the residents in ways that were abusive toward these same ends,” she said.

It’s a “free-for-all,” she has said.


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