Trump agrees to NBC Town hall, Left goes bonkers


President Trump is set to participate in an hour-long town hall event with NBC News this Thursday, Oct. 15, which was supposed to be the date of the second presidential debate. President Trump backed out when the Commission made it virtual. A virtual debate allows Biden’s staff to feed him information.

The network announced Wednesday that the event will be outdoors at the Pérez Art Museum Miami in Florida and that Savannah Guthrie will moderate the event with Mr. Trump and Florida voters.

The network said federal health officials reviewed Mr. Trump’s recent health data and have concluded “with a high degree of confidence” that the president is “not shedding infectious virus.”

Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden will be participating in a town hall event hosted by ABC in Philadelphia at the same time, although the portion with Mr. Biden is set to run 90 minutes.


#BoycottNBC is trending because they’re carrying the president’s town hall and doing it at the same time as Biden’s on ABC. It’s typical of the U.S. Totalitarian Left. It never occurs to them to permit a view other than their own. Democrats repress free speakers while calling THEM the fascists.

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  1. NBC does not support President Trump but are doing this for a sound business reason; Ratings! They want the biggest audience over the other networks and they’ll get it. They will probably beat the cable news networks as well. That’s like FOX News. Rupert Murdoch was never a conservative but knew liberalism doesn’t sell. Roger Ailes came on board and FOX News overwhelmed the other news networks with an open minded but conservative leaning format. But with the untimely demise of Ailes and Murdoch stepping down, FOX lost it’s mostly conservative views and viewers are leaving for NewsMax and OneAmericaNews. Even Drudge is losing traffic as his site has gone to Trump bashing.

  2. They just recently got over the fear of pancake syrup so a Potemkin townhall boycott doesn’t surprise me.
    The coexist crowd talks a good game but can’t handle any opposing viewpoint.
    Trump has everything aligned against him and just doesn’t care like a honey badger.
    How could you not be inspired by that and respect it.

  3. Is the sky falling…again? That NBC is airing this amazes me, sorta.
    Yes, ratings are the key to understanding why the leftist are allowing this to happen. And, maybe just to give a twist to the old knickers of ABC for carrying the Biteme farce.
    I have no fear that PDJT will do just fine with this venue. The ‘moderator’ will probably try to interfere with the whole process, trying to direct the questioning away from anything which might make Trump look good.
    The left may figure out that President Donald J. Trump is just more than they can handle, and cancel the event.
    Wouldn’t surprise me. Not much does these days.

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