Trump aide had to repeatedly correct a crabby Fox ‘News’ host


Trump communications director Tim Murtagh had to battle with Fox News host Julie Banderas just to get her to understand when Pennsylvania ballots had to be received. He tried to communicate the facts, but she was a challenge.

Fox News hosts must have gotten the word to attack Trump aides, mindlessly, if necessary.


The Decision Desk HQ called the North Carolina race for President Trump and Senator Thom Tillis. Fox News called the race for Thom Tillis, but not President Trump. We think we know why.


In a shocking new development, North Carolina Democrats claimed Monday that “thousands of outstanding votes to be cast” could swing key races in the battleground state.

North Carolina is one of at least 18 states allowing voters to “cure” ballots rejected for deficient information or missing signatures.

Democrats in the state say they’re seeking volunteers to help cure absentee and provisional ballots that they think could prove decisive in some races.

“Our team is helping cure absentee & provisional ballots — and we need your help. There are thousands of outstanding votes to be cast — and these could be the difference in determining crucial elections,” the North Carolina Democratic Party wrote in a tweet Monday.

Apparently, that’s why the race wasn’t called. They are trying to keep ‘curing’ ballots until Joe and his down ballots win.

This is an insane race with insane rules.  It’s corrupt. Democrat operatives go into nursing homes with people barely conscious or not conscious at all to ‘cure’ votes.

The Trump campaign is suing Pennsylvania to keep them from certifying the race since it too is contested.

Meanwhile, senile Joe is running around telling whoever will listen that President Trump is an “embarrassment” because he won’t concede. However, the races are close, and there is evidence, not proof, of some fraud.


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