Trump Defense Rests Its Case in the Manhattan Clown Show


The defense has rested in the Donald Trump criminal trial in Manhattan. Donald Trump will not take the stand in this ridiculous clown show. Todd Blanche must consider the case completely dismantled, thanks to Michael Cohen, the prosecution’s star witness.

According to ABC News, Trump doesn’t see a need to take the stand since Cohen has no credibility whatsoever. He began as a well-known convicted liar and ended up as a well-known liar and thief. He admitted to stealing $30,000, which is actually now $60,000, from Donald Trump‘s organization.

The defense doesn’t really don’t have any need to call Donald Trump. Ending on the clown show performance of Michael Cohen is a great move. There’s also the fact that Trump tends to go off-script too easily. He speaks extemporaneously and makes mistakes, which will then be called lies. There is also the problem of the prosecution bringing in irrelevant information if Trump goes off-script. Cohen has blown up the case, and any rational jury would not find Donald Trump guilty.

CNN seems to think that calling Bob Costello as a witness turned him into a prosecution witness. CNN senior legal analyst Elie Honig said that Costello was talking about a crucial moment in April 2018. the emails show that Costello was trying to keep Cohen in the fold and not flip. The shady effort to keep Michael Cohen from flipping is bad for the defense and good for the prosecution.

However, the revelations seem far worse. He stole $60,000 from Trump, admitted to lies, and his former lawyer explained that Cohen said Trump didn’t know he paid off Stormy.

Closing arguments come a week from today. The defense may ask for a directed verdict from Judge Merchan. It’s doubtful Merchan will do that. He’s totally conflicted.

Update: The last video was added after publication.

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