Trump hating Robert DeNiro faces financial ruin


Trump-hating Robert de Niro is allegedly facing financial ruin. The COVID lockdown fanatic is watching his “restaurant and hotel empire collapsing. That has changed his mind about lockdowns. Interesting how that works.

He’s not getting a lot of movie offers given the lockdown and probably his age. The far-far-left actor is also finalizing a pricey divorce. Allegedly, he’s borrowing from friends to keep afloat.

He has barely any business at his restaurant chain Nobu and his Greenwich Hotel and he had to cut off his soon-to-be ex-wife’s credit card.

His lawyer told the divorce judge that Nobu lost $3 million in April and $1.87 million in May. He had to pay investors $500,000 on a capital call.

The attorney said the best case scenario for Mr. De Niro, if everything starts to turn around this year, … he is going to be lucky if he makes $7.5 million this year,” the attorney said.

Ah…poor dear.

He keeps cursing out the President and threatening to punch him in the face so pardon me if I don’t care if he ends up in abject poverty.

Maybe it’s karma.




  1. Looks like de Niro’s creditors are starting to make “some offers he can’t refuse”. Life’s a bitch Bobby.

    • Yeah. Next thing he’ll show up with some bruises he received in an ‘accident’ on his exercise machine. (like Harry Reed, allegedly). Either that or from punching himself in the face.

  2. Like De Niro said in the movie Raging Bull, “I’ve done a lot of bad things, Joey. Maybe it’s comin’ back to me.” Tim got it right – KARMA!

  3. A vile, violent being. Wife beater and all around hate filled bully. Aging out of ‘the biz’ and maybe will have to become a ‘’taxi driver’ again. Would like to see it..a bit of humility might alter that smug ugly old mug!

  4. I think his financial problems are more due to his outspoken hatred for Pres. Trump. His comments are outrageous and for what reason? The latest: he wants to punch Trump in the face! How immature is that?? His restaurant and hotel collapsing – no one wants to support them by patronizing them; no movie offers – no one wants to go see his movies and producers have figuered that out. They refuse to hire him for a movie that no one will want to see. It’s bc he’s become so hateful, no one can stand him. No one wants to see him succeed in anything.

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