Trump honored police, Biden marks police week by insulting them


Unlike Donald Trump who honored our fallen peace officers, Joe Biden decided to bash them in a proclamation. He tried to sneak this past us. There was none of the usual hoopla with his proclamations.

The beginning thanked the police but then he said this:

This year, we also recognize that in many of our communities, especially Black and brown communities, there is a deep sense of distrust towards law enforcement; a distrust that has been exacerbated by the recent deaths of several Black and brown people at the hands of law enforcement.  These deaths have resulted in a profound fear, trauma, pain, and exhaustion for many Black and brown Americans, and the resulting breakdown in trust between law enforcement and the communities they have sworn to protect and serve ultimately makes officers’ jobs harder and more dangerous as well.  In order to rebuild that trust, our State, local, and Federal Government and law enforcement agencies must protect constitutional rights, ensure accountability for misconduct, and embrace policing that reflects community values and ensures community safety.  These approaches benefit those who wear the badge and those who count on their protection.

We must also stop tasking law enforcement with problems that are far beyond their jurisdictions.  From providing emergency health care to resolving school discipline issues, our communities rely on the police to perform services that often should be the duty of other institutions.  We then accuse the police of failure when responsibility lies with public policy choices they did not make.  Supporting our law enforcement officers requires that we invest in underfunded public systems that provide health care, counseling, housing, education, and other social services.

He obviously doesn’t want them in schools winning over the community. He also suggests that he will take money from them and ‘invest’ them in welfare — as if that has worked.

Couldn’t he let the police at least have their memorial week?

As one Twitter user said: Joseph Stalin Biden is the 1st president in over a 130 years to eliminate the National Day of Prayer. He also dishonored our vets by denying a permit for rolling thunder. He trashed our fallen police officers in a speech that was supposed to honor them. Biden’s death to America

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