Trump interview: They’ll get rid of TVs, A/C, & expect rolling brownouts if you’re lucky


President Trump co-hosted Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, spoke with Dr. Siegel on Tucker, appeared on Fox News, and finally did a radio interview with host Mark Levin. He did all of this on Friday and he just recovered from COVID.

Biden, for his part, went to Arizona and Nevada, reading off a teleprompter to reporters this past week. Then he went back to his basement to rest up.

The Levin show was excellent.

President Trump spoke about the Democrats’ plan to ruin the suburbs by nationalizing zoning. No town, no city, will be able to control who lives where. The far-left Democrats will mandate it centrally.

Mark Levin asked President Trump what would happen if Joe Biden got his way in rolling back our energy independence and adding the other Green New Deal demands. The hard-left is going to pressure him to go to the extreme.

“Energy independent. This country’s been trying to be energy independent for half a century. You have put policies in place with fracking and so forth. Fuel prices are very, very low. You’ve slashed taxes and you were focused on the middle class, working people more than anybody else,” said Levin. “Joe Biden says he’s going to reverse all this. So what happens when he reverses all this? Everything goes in the opposite direction right?”

“Well you’ll get rid of your cars, you’ll get rid of your television sets, you’ll get rid of your air conditioners. You’ll have rolling blackouts or brownouts — if you’re lucky brownouts,” Trump responded. “You’ll get rid of everything.”

That isn’t fearmongering. It’s in the Biden-Sanders manifesto. It is terrifying. It is what happens when you destroy our energy independence and turn it over to China and other foreign entities who will continue to burn fossil fuels.

Biden and the other Democrats want to tear down or retrofit every building in the United States even though there is nothing wrong with these buildings.

The Paris Accord required the U.S. to turn over resources to underdeveloped countries, including China, and banning our own fossil fuels. At the same time, most of the world gets to burn fossil fuels. We, in turn, then become the Third World. And it wouldn’t take long. With the money they want to spend, it will only take months to destroy us.

The Mark Levin Show

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