Jewish Man Goes Undercover to a Peaceful Pro-Palestine Rally


A Jew went undercover at one of these pro-Palestine [Hamas] rallies, and this is what he found. The video was posted by Greg Price.

The Jewish man asked one protester to describe Jews. The man said, “They’re devils.”

The Jewish man asked another man, “Who’s at fault?”

“The Jews,” he said. “The Jews have always been a problem.”

He went up to another person and asked, “So if they do take Palestine, where do the 12 million Jews go?”

“Go to Hell, and that’s the literal slogan,” said a woman with an accent.

Another responded, “Hey, go back to Brooklyn B**** said a young black male.

And another answered, “Shout out to Kanye. He was right.”

A man who appeared to be Pakistani said, “How do I know that you are.. .”

“That I’m not a Jew?”

“Get the **** out of my face,” the foreigner screamed at the thought. “Get out of my face.”

Some asked the Jewish man if he was here for Palestine, and he said yes. He then asked one of the Queers for Palestine about “the argument when people say in Gaza, they kill gay people?”

The queer man said, “It’s very unsafe to be queer here too.”

The Jewish man said they’re “not actually killing gay people for being gay by law, right? The way it is in Gaza?”

The queer man said, “Why do we keep going back to like Gaza?”

The Jewish man asked an angry young woman wearing a scarf if she minded him asking where she was from.  She said Afghanistan. He asked if that was a Muslim country, and she said predominantly yes. He asked her if she would consider that her homeland, and she said yes. Then she added Israel can’t claim a homeland.”

One must wonder why she doesn’t return to her homeland since she considers that her home. The people he spoke with were young black men and foreigners who clearly didn’t belong in the United States.

If you bring in Third World people who hate you, you are going to pay a very high price.

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