Trump lawyer outlines the plan to deal with fraud to Maria Bartiromo [video]


Jenna Ellis outlines the Trump plan in this segment with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Mornings with Maria. They hope to get to the Supreme Court, and the Mike Kelly case looks likely to be heard. However, behind the scenes, as we know, the Trump Team has worked with the legislators, calling on them to find the remedy.


Democrats have pulled out all the stops, unethically and illegally, including the coup, the 24/7 trash Trump Democrat press, the fake impeachment, and now, possibly, massive voter fraud.

Whatever they have to do, they must do to save the Republic.

Joe Biden is senile and is already cozying up to China. His running mate is a communist. Practically every appointee he has chosen is a Marxist. The fools are trying to say climate change is the most dangerous threat facing the nation. They somehow think that turning over all our wealth and resources to hard-left rulers will change the weather. John Kerry says we voted for The Great Reset, which will turn the Western world into a socialist conglomerate of Oligarchs that includes Big Tech.

As DNI John Ratcliffe warned, China is the biggest threat. [Russia has the budget of New Jersey and is not our biggest threat.]

Their plan for America will lay waste to all the blood and treasure lost in wars going back to the Revolutionary War. My ancestors fought in all those wars. My father and his brother and my uncles and cousins fought in World War II and ensuing wars. These people are robbing me.

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