Trump takes the lead in Trafalgar poll, winning with Blacks


The conservative pollsters, Trafalgar Group, show Trump taking a steady lead nationwide. The battleground states are within a hair’s breadth. It’s good news, but with the possibility of fraud in mail-in voting, it is a concern that it’s this close. However, there definitely is a hidden Trump vote by people who wouldn’t tell anyone they are voting for Donald Trump.

We use Trafalgar and Rasmussen pollsters because they were the closest in the last election.

Rasmussen has him losing nationally, but getting huge support among Black voters.

It is hard to believe anyone would vote for Joe, given the family corruption, obvious mental deficiencies, and his communist running mate.


In Other Gloomier Polls:

Biden leads in Minnesota by 8.1 points, according to FiveThirtyEight. In Wisconsin and Michigan, he leads by 8.5 and 8.6 points, respectively.

RealClearPolitics average of polls has President Trump down by 4.3 points in Pennsylvania.

If the other polls are wrong again, their careers are so over.


Rasmussen has Biden in the lead but within the margin of error. While he isn’t beating Biden nationally, his job approval is at 51%.

Rasmussen finds heavy support among Black voters for the job Trump is doing:

Non-whites, excluding blacks, which would include Hispanic, is at a stunning 55%.

President Trump is fighting to win, traveling to several rallies daily while sleepy Joe barely makes it to one ‘rally’ in a day with a handful of admirers.


Mark Levin, a constitutional expert, explained last night what we have to lose if Joe Biden wins.

Democrats have talked about stacking the court, stacking the Senate, eliminating the Electoral College, end the filibuster that protects us from the mob, destroying the Bill of Rights, giving amnesty to millions of new Democrats, and more. They will blow up the Constitution and control every aspect of our lives.



  1. Leading in places where some still drink the CPUSA is for the working man Kool-Aid.
    It is sad when people are stuck back in time and bitterly clinging to unreality.
    During summer road trips to those blue wall places the Trump signs were everywhere with no Kamal/Groper signs around.

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