Hillary told Biden he & Senate must ‘move really fast’ when they win


Hillary Clinton spoke with the hosts of SiriusXM’s Signal Boost Tuesday about an incoming Biden administration, and a Democrat-led Senate that she sees as inevitable. She said they must “move quickly.”

They will “rectify” the fact that Amy Coney Barrett has been confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court. In other words, they will stack the Supreme Court or do something equally destructive.

She blathered about Republicans allegedly stacking the court because they merely filled a vacancy. She is a liar.

Co-host Jess McIntosh began, saying, “It’s been a dark week for women … I’m feeling lost … Coney Barrett is seated … we did not have the same level of, at least, vocal, in-the-streets outrage that we had around Kavanaugh.”

“Are you worried that women are feeling hopeless, and do you think that court reform is … a way that we could actually rectify some of this situation?”

Pretending they weren’t going to ruin the court anyway, Clinton claimed that Barrett’s  appointment to the court “is as clear a signal, uh, that there’s going to be a concerted effort to turn the clock back on women; on the LGBTQ community; on rights in general; a big shift toward corporate power toward those who are on the right of the political ledger when it comes to guns and climate and everything else we can imagine.”

She is lying as usual. Barrett will follow the Constitution.


Clinton announced that she has told the Biden transition that “they’re gonna have to move really fast.”

“Now, thankfully, Nancy Pelosi, bless her heart in every way, uh, we can, has teed up a lot of great legislation. It’s been sitting there, dying in, you know, Mitch McConnell’s office.” She added, “If we want to get something done again in our country and overcome the really, inexcusable resistance to progress we’ve seen from the Republicans,  then I think we’re gonna have to move quickly. And one of the areas we’ll have to move quickly on is the courts.”

“We’re gonna have to move quickly on everything: election reform (nationalize elections)climate change, COVID relief, expanding health care, everything that, uh, we care about,” Clinton declared.

Since Biden is mentally unfit, we now know that Clinton will have a lot to say about what he does.

In case you have questions about what they care about it also includes limiting the 1st Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, and taking away our privacy, our money, and all the rest of our rights.


Watch – why it’s important this not come to pass:




    • They have since 1885. When comparing goals of Progressism and Totalitarianism, it’s much the same. The Progressives covered up their true intentions for decades. We are still paying and being enslaved because of what Progressive POTUS Wilson did for the Progressive Movement.

  1. okay…How many times have the citizens of America rejected letting Hillary run our country? or “ruin” our country ? and we’re not going to let her now. heaven help us all if Biden/ harris/ Pelosi gain control of the white house.

  2. Presto change-o utopiamatic fundamental transformation. Clueless ideologues meet reality in the trainwreck of the millennium. Lady Nature and reality are not negotiable or open to interpretation.
    Only a dumbed down populace would let these clowns anywhere near the levers of power.
    No wonder the Satanists have the ‘like wolves among sheep we have wandered’ saying.

  3. WOW! The guy, O’Reilly, who did NOT vet Obama and did soft Obama interview before 2008 election is NOW concerned about the nation and this election. It’s about time O’Reilly figured out what’s really happening, I suspect he already knew but openly reporting truth would have interfered with personal economics. Watched this guy for several years but was aghast at his Obama interview fall 2008. But when he supported ObamaCare I knew he was NOT “lookin’ out for the folks”, he was lookin’ for the Ben Franklins! He’s probably still ONLY concerned about the bucks since he knows now what the Democrats “really” have in mind. And have had socialism/Communism in mind for decades if you really know history. Plus many in Republican Party supported globalism and Agenda 21 and the reason many Republican politicians and Republican Never Trumpers want to stop Trump along with the Democrats is because he is the wall between money trail, Globalist Communism and a Free USA. Thank God we elected him.

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