Trump to start up rallies again, perhaps next month


CNN, our favorite network for fake news is reporting something accurate today. Trump may start up MAGA rallies again next month as he begins campaigning for some Republican candidates over others.

My concern with that is some of the candidates, who are among the ten who voted to impeach him, are the only Republicans who can win in their particular district.

In any case, he has vowed to travel to Alaska to campaign against Murkowski. It would be nice to see her go. She’s not really a Republican. He wants to be involved in helping candidates he has already divorced.

These RINOs, like Murkowski, are harming the party and should be ousted.

Dan Bongino interviewed Donald Trump today on his podcast. The former president told him he’d announce after 2022 if he is going to run for president.

YouTube banned the interview.

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