Trump was right! Study shows Hydroxychloroquine works and people died


Hydroxychloroquine for use with COV patients is still banned in hospitals across the country but not for almost anything else. You can use it for literally anything else. It was politicized because Donald Trump suggested it might be a medication that could help.

A legitimate observational study at St. Barnabas hospital in New Jersey found it helped COV patients by as much as 200%. Ivermectin is another banned drug that has proven effective.

How many lives could have been saved by the drug? A prominent physician said the number would be staggering, more than 100,000 easily.

The media, social media, and partisan scientists let people die.




    • Amen! We are faced with a reality that didn’t seem possible 13 years ago. How quickly it all changes. This whole thing is about control, submission and money. UN Agenda 21 or whatever it has been renamed for mass acceptance. Gates, Fauci and unnamed others are in this lock, stock and barrel.

    • Not for Fauci, certainly. He is heavily invested in the vaccines. This is one reason he poo-pooed HCQ from the bginning of the great COVID fraud. The other reason is that he is following orders from th Dems and their P handlers.

      • Fix to spelling errors: Not for Fauci, certainly. He is heavily invested in the vaccines. This is one reason he poo-pooed HCQ from the beginning of the great COVID fraud. The other reason is that he is following orders from the Dems and their CCP handlers.

  1. If HCQ was dangerous, I would not have been taking it for 16 YEARS! Even though I am considered to be in the high risk range, throughout this whole fiasco, I’ve not even had a sniffle. My endocrinologist and rheumatologist have both said that HCQ is what has kept me covid-free. The reason they are trying to keep people away from it is because those nay-sayers can’t make money off it. It no longer has an active patent which means any drug company can make it. Because of that, it is inexpensive. It also has a 60+ year safety record. But most of all, it works. The drugs that fauci is pushing are ones he can make money off of because he is one of the patent holders. Follow the money. Always, follow the money.

  2. Fast tracking the vaccines (sans FDA approval) required that “no other drug alternative exists” meaning hydroxychloroquine had to be BANNED FROM USE in order for the “no other drug alternative exists” part to be true. The problem is that hydroxychloroquine now had to e banned so BIG PHARMA could develop their vaccines, sell it to the world to make TONS OF MONEY and the plan was nearly destroyed because Trump spoke favorably of hydroxychloroquine.

  3. If Independent Sentinel is too lazy to include a transcript or detailed summary, forget it. And no, I am not some “progressive” shill. Far from it. If you want to have any impact beyond your echo chamber, you need to put the reader first and provide more information.

  4. When considered carefully, they have banned a drug that most likely would have saved 100,000 lives all to defeat a political enemy, the duly elected President of the United States.

  5. So the truth is that the Deep State banned a drug which would have saved lives so the Medical Industrial Complex could make a lot of money. The last thing The People need is big Government. All mandate authority should be removed from Government. If a Legislature does not pass a law then the Law doesn’t exist. Covid and The Big Election steal of 2020 was done through actions of Bureaucrats and bureaucrats should have ZERO power. In addition to Bureaucrats not having power they shouldn’t have protection against malfeasance or incompetence.

  6. Heads should roll for this. People like Neil Cavuto should not be allowed in the news business. I personally heard him say, time after time, ‘ Hydroxychloroquine will kill you, literally KILL YOU’. Even when he was faced with proof it was effective, he chose to blackball it. Investigate that schills bank accounts! He and many more should be tried as accessories to murder!

  7. If you lost a loved one or contracted the virus and made a recovery, and are looking for a reason why, look no further than your stupid, distracted friends and neighbors who do not take the time or make the effort to use the toold you have at your finger tips to look into such things and verify what’s true and not true. I hate to say this but collectively we are a selfish, arrogant, distracted, ignorant society and THAT is exactly why we are in the shape we are in today.

    But honestly, none of what’s going on should come as a surprise. Even denial of the truth. There is one document that spans the history of mankind for more than 6,000 years. All has been revealed yet the selfishness and arrogance of man just can’t or refuses to accept it.

    Sticking your head in the sand and ignoring the solution is nothing more than willfil ignorance and ignorance is the great destroyer. The good news is that it will all be fixed. The bad news is the preponderance of humanity, past, present and future, will never see it. For the individual there is still time to be on the winning side. Sadly, most will not avail themselves of the opportunity.

  8. Withholding and outright banning and threatening doctors with arrests and ruination to stop HCQ therapies demonstrated utter disregard for human life. What they did was despicable murder.

  9. And it still continues today. How many who were confirmed as positive for COVID-19 were sent home with nothing and had to go to hospital for it later. Were its kinda to late for HCQ and died later.

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