#TrumpBooedAgain Uh, Not So Fast


President Trump was booed again in New York City as he entered Madison Square Garden to watch the UFC 244. #TrumpBooedAgain is the number one trending hashtag Sunday morning, only the clip where boos can be heard doesn’t tell the entire story. Outside there were about 150 communist protesters. Inside was a loud mixture of reactions. The media is claiming it was all boos, but that isn’t the case. Otherwise, who cares?

We all know half the country is against him and the other half supports him.

Trump attended with Reps. Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, and Mark Meadows, and his two older sons, Donald Jr. and Eric.

The NY Post writes: Trump stood up in his seat in the VIP section and waved to a crowd that mostly cheered — though there were also plenty of “boos” and the occasional raised middle finger as well.

In this clip, you can clearly see large numbers in the crowd standing and applauding the President.

You can hear the applause in the next clip:

The President’s son Eric also shared the chants he could hear.

Donald Jr. said the reaction was overwhelmingly positive.

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