Moderate socialist Joe promises to expand Medicare & pay off college loans


‘Hot, hairy legs’ Joe is rolling out two plans for more freebies. He will lower the Medicare age to 60 and forgive all student debt for low to middle-income borrowers.

No one in the sixty+ age bracket is complaining.

It doesn’t matter that Social Security is already going broke nor does it matter that people who borrowed the money should pay their own debts and not expect others to pay their debts.

He will forgive all debt of low to middle-income borrowers who attended public colleges and universities, historically black colleges and universities, and other institutions that serve students of color. That will be paid for by people who never borrowed the money but make over the limit he sets.

It is racist to single out people of color.

Mr. Biden announced the proposals in a Medium post.

“Senator Sanders and his supporters can take pride in their work in laying the groundwork for these ideas,” Mr. Biden wrote, pandering to the hard-left.

Top Sanders aides had been intensifying talks with the Biden campaign in recent days to find common ground on policies. The Biden team’s willingness to move in Mr. Sanders’s direction was a key factor in the senator’s decision to exit the race, the NY Times reported.

Speaking to Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show,” Sanders acknowledged on Wednesday night that “Joe, he’s not going to adopt my platform. I got that.”

“But if he can move in that direction,” Mr. Sanders added, “I think people will say this is a guy that we should support and will support.”

Biden, speaking to donors at a Wednesday fund-raiser via videoconference, called Mr. Sanders “a powerful voice for a fairer and more just America” and previewed the incorporation of some elements of the Sanders agenda into his own.


Expanding Medicare is a step towards single-payer healthcare as Sanders suggested in the appearance on Colbert. You saw how well single-payer worked in the EU and China during this virus scare. In Italy, people over 80 were denied hospital care because they had to ration. Eventually, it was people over 60.

These socialist freebies will destroy our country but the unaware will love it and vote for it. It’s free, baby.

Biden isn’t capable of formulating a sentence, much less a plan. This was put together and written by his far-left campaign staff so he can appeal to Bernie voters. He needs the communists to get elected.

Vermont communist Bernie Sanders is a dishonest, evil man who is pushing an entire party to the hard-left. He is a powerful communist voice.

God help the USA. We will be communists, with a short stop at socialism, when Democrats win power.

Here is Biden once again trying to remember that tough virus name — ‘H1N1’:

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