WaPo’s Story of Trump’s Leaking to Russians Involves a Serious Felony


There is a real crime exposed by the Washington Post story about Trump leaking classified information to the Russians but it’s not Donald Trump who is the felon.

The real crime was committed by the leaker. The leak is a felony. Our intelligence agencies are politicized and compromised. The chaos is coming from them. Don’t expect them to investigate the leaks.

As Judge Napolitano said this morning on Fox & Friends, President Trump decides what is classified or not and did nothing illegal — if anything reported by The Washington Post is accurate that is.

If we are to believe WaPo, Trump told the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov the U.S. had intelligence about an ISIS terror plot.

Why would he do it?

The Russians want to destroy ISIS as do we and Trump hopes to work with the Russians on this. In fact, the Russians told us twice about the potential threat from the Boston bombers which our FBI discounted.

There is no likelihood that Russia would share this information with ISIS. In any case, it is now publicly known thanks to the person(s) who leaked to WaPo illegally.

That person committed a serious crime.

There is no question information like that which Trump shared is something officials do. However, WaPo also said Trump revealed the city in the Islamic State where the threat exists, according to unnamed sources. The sources said it “jeopardized a critical source of intelligence on the Islamic State.”

H.R. McMaster, a man highly respected for his integrity said Monday, “At no time were any intelligence sources or methods discussed and no military operations were disclosed that were not already known publicly.”

WaPo continues to back its story and claim the location endangered the source of intel.

An entire city endangers a spy?

What is endangering the U.S. are these leaks to WaPo. Whoever is involved in it is committing a serious felony and is a traitor to this nation. This is being done in the run up to Trump’s very significant overseas trip to hurt him and his chances of making inroads towards peace.

On Tuesday, the media is presenting these so-called leaks as “proof” Trump risked our national security to “boast” and to “cosy up” to Russians. They are using it as an example of his “loose lips”. They will also make you think he committed an illegal act. None of those things can be true.

It is true Hillary Clinton did all those things.

The real culprit is/are the leaker(s) who is/are putting his/her hatred of Trump or an agenda or both before the welfare of this nation.

Where are the intelligence agencies in rooting out the real criminals?

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