Tucker: Biden Backs “a Government That Throws Priests in Jail”


“The 21st century has been defined by, among other things, a global attack on Christianity.  Given the U.S. Constitution’s emphasis on religious freedom, you might expect our president to condemn and reject anti-Christian foreign governments, as they oppose the fundamental values upon which our country was founded,” Tucker Carlson wrote in an email linked to his latest video.

“Instead of doing that, however,” Tucker said, “Joe Biden is actively backing a government that throws priests in jail. Attorney Bob Amsterdam represents some of those priests, and he joined Tucker on X Ep. 34 to shed light on exactly what Joe Biden is supporting.

Bob Amsterdam tells Tucker:

“There is a huge PR ban on saying anything that is critical of the Ukrainian government or President Zelensky. And as a result of that, we fail to understand the context of internal Ukrainian affairs.”

Tucker Carlson says, “Of all of Biden’s crimes, backing the Ukrainian government as it throws priests in jail may be the most revealing.”

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