Tucker called Obama a “creepy old guy” & Twitter went bonkers


Tucker Carlson called the Leftist god Barack a “creepy old guy,” and the Twitter mob went ballistic. The hashtags are for #Paul Ryan, who they want to fire Tucker, #CreepyTucker, and so on.

The trolls are making vicious and vulgar comments.

Twitter propagandists Meidas are also out trashing Tucker and started the #CreepyTucker. They also claimed Matt Gaetz trafficked 17-year-old girls but we still haven’t seen the evidence.

They should be more worried about their Democrat perv from Oregon, Mr. Hunt. They have a lot of evidence on him.

Tucker is not always right, but he’s almost always right.

Dems on Twitter were angry that Tucker called Obama “a creepy old guy.” It’s true, he is. He wants to see 2-year-olds vaccinated with chemicals the FDA has not approved except for emergency purposes.

Tucker Carlson reacted to Obama doing a public service address, which Tucker called a “creepy little video,” telling children to get vaccinated:

You can’t insult their Marxist god no matter how creepy or old he gets. Remember the poor rodeo clown who had his career destroyed when he came out with a harmless Obama mask???


We have a few of the responses. They’re typical.

Not too much hyperbole here (sarcasm):



  1. Note to Tucker-you never blaspheme the immaculate Chicago Jesus messiah, the one, that we have been waiting for to build the golden Wakanda utopia.
    Forward, faculty lounge evolved enlightened beings, build Babel back better, yes we can!
    Tuffy the Clown! Woohoo! Loves me some Tuffy the Clown and the rodeo is back in town.

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