Tucker Discusses a New Documentary of the True Timeline of J6


Tucker discussed a new hour-long J6 documentary with David Sumrall that you can watch it for free at open. ink. Tucker posted his monologue and interview in a clip on X. The rest of the interview is on TCN and summarized below.


Sumrall told Tucker, “Once again, that would tell the different story that the police felt just like the J6ers at that point. It was choreographed chaos, Tucker. There is no other excuse. They were woefully underprepared, you know, in terms of equipment, Intel, and manpower. And that’s intentional. You can prepare for failure. And that’s what happened. And when the police realized it, they were very vocal about it. And I guess the Select Committee thought those tapes would never make it into court cases or into the public. But I’m glad they have.”

Tucker asked Sumrall why Speaker Johnson had not released all the tapes. Sumrall didn’t know, adding that he didn’t know who was threatening whom or holding whom hostage. He noted that both sides are working against us – the Uniparty is working against us. He said the crowd was peaceful until after an hour of the police attacking them; then, it was a riot.

Sumrall mentioned the five deaths. The first was Benjamin Phillips. He had a medical emergency at 12:55 before any violence erupted. No one came to help. The protesters eventually carried him out. He was in the parking lot at the time.

The second death was Kevin Greeson. He had a stroke or heart attack unrelated to anything in the crowd.  He was by the scaffold and went down about the time the police threw the grenades.

The third death was Roseanne Boyland. They said it was a drug overdose, but the police “excessively sprayed and gassed these protesters as they were shoving them out the tunnel and massive trampling was taking place. And then we see Officer Lyla Morris, beating against the crowd with a long walking stick and inadvertently, probably striking Roseanne Boyland while she was on the ground unconscious.” He said they don’t really know the cause of death. She appeared to “have been asphyxiated by gas, beaten, and died not of a drug. O.D.”

The fourth was Ashli Babbitt, whom Officer Byrd murdered.

Officer Sicknick suffered a stroke earlier in the day. No one helped him. Late in the day, they performed CPR, but he wasn’t having a heart attack. Chris Alberts, who is now in prison, told the police Officer Sicknick was having a stroke, and he was a combat medic who could help him. Police told him to get lost.

Go to open. ink and watch the documentary for free.



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Trump Won
Trump Won
1 month ago

Both sides are working against us. As many call for a new party, the uniparty is running our government, into the ground. It seems, you’re either in or out. The spineless Republicans are cowards who would rather fall in line, than stand up against the tyranny and stand up for the people.

Last edited 1 month ago by Trump Won