Tucker: Irony Alert! War for Democracy Allows Dictatorship


Tucker posted episode 7 in his series Tucker on Twitter. He titled it Irony Alert – the War for Democracy Allows Dictatorship. He was referencing Mr. Zelensky’s dictatorship. The Ukrainian president has been throwing people in jail who write things he doesn’t like. He’s pretty far removed from democratic.

“Find yourself wondering recently, as the world slides closer to nuclear annihilation than any time in human history, why exactly are we at war with Russia,” Tucker began. “It seems like there’s a pretty significant downside to this particular foreign policy decision, starting with economic collapse and ending potentially with extinction. So, is there a good reason we’re doing it? So many innocent young people have been killed…so many hundreds of billions of dollars have been wasted, some of them from the US Treasury…so, what’s the point?

“Are we really doing this so the Biden family can repay its debts to the oligarchs who financed their beach house in Rehoboth? We’re doing it so our government can continue to lie about its illicit Biolabs in Eastern Europe so that flappy losers like Victoria Nuland and Tony Blinken can feel like they’re doing something important with their sad, empty lives. Really, I don’t see it.

“There’s got to be a better reason for waging this, the most pointless war of all.”

Tucker then said, with a bit of irony, “Well, thankfully, we have an answer. The war against Russia. ladies and gentlemen, the war against Putin and for Ukraine is a war for democracy and freedom.”

With continued irony, he said, “What’s at stake in Ukraine is bigger than just his nation. It is literally a battle for freedom and democracy themselves. They are showing the world what an existential fight for democracy looks like. President Zelensky and the Ukrainians have changed the course of history for the better, and we unequivocally are with the Ukrainian people in their fight to remain a sovereign democracy… “

Tucker continued along these lines and then noted that Mr. Zelensky had canceled all the elections. He’s also put writer and political pundit Gonzalo Lira in prison, and he’s an American citizen. Biden did nothing to get him out of prison. Lira’s crime was to write negative things about Mr. Zelensky and the war.

Carlson addressed Joe Biden’s crimes that are completely ignored by the media and went on to talk about Biden’s mental collapse. He recently read the stage notes from the podium and didn’t know he did it. He’s too old for the job, but he got 81 million votes the last time, and he’ll do it again. We know how that will happen.

Tucker suspects Biden will drop out of the race and someone other than Kamala will step in. He mentioned Gavin Newsom.

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