Bud Light Sponsors Toronto S&M Puppy Fetish, Nude Men Parade


Bud Light is one of the sponsors of the Fetish PRIDE Parade in Toronto. They must really like not selling beer.

They had center stage with semi-nude men-women.

On Sunday, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and his Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland, and other prominent figures attended the PRIDE sex parade. The Pride Toronto parade included people in puppy fetish gear, furries, and nude men exposing themselves.

Post Millennial reported that men held signs such as, “Life is short: play naked” and “Good things happen when you are naked.” One more held his sign that said, “Proudly celebrating my diversity! Is getting NAKED therapeutic?” high above his head so that the crowd could read it better.

News alert — they’re not normal.

So Toronto PRIDE wants you to know what they’re about:

This year’s theme, “Here, There, Everywhere,” is equal parts protest as it is a party. Focused on the present moment, we’re here to proclaim and celebrate our existence. We’re here against all odds and continue to endure. We’re here to stay. We take action by being there for each other. We relentlessly advocate for our community and champion safe spaces in times of need and in times of joy. As we revel in and learn from our differences, we come together as one universe. We’re together because we are everywhere.

They act like people are trying to kill them off. They’re so melodramatic. As for their differences, I don’t care to know about fetishes, drag queens, or exhibitionist men who are probably pedos.


If you go here, you can watch a nude man (blurred) hopping around in a Bugs Bunny mask. Here’s a group of people in dog-fetish S&M gear. I can’t post these, but you can click on the links and see for yourself what Bud Light and Justin Trudeau think is A-OK in front of children.

Trudeau’s police say it’s okay for men to expose themselves to children.

Trudeau clown show:

Maybe the Muslims will save us. I’m Catholic, and my Pope is MIA. In fact, he was happily meeting today with the artist who painted ‘Piss Christ.’ If you weren’t aware of it, the artist pissed on his painting of Christ on the crucifix. The Pope invited him into the Sistine Chapel. That’s blasphemous.

Why give in to these people? They never compromise. They always just want more and more.

Throngs of people swarmed the parade. They’re not supporting a nationality, a nation, cartoon characters, God — no, they’re celebrating sex among non-heterosexuals, fetishes, S&M, furries, and nude men waving their winky in front of children.

We live in Bizarro World.

h/t Andre Renaud

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
5 months ago

AB wants to defy its customers. Their priority is the immorality of the NWO. That’s why they did not apologize. Instead, they ridicule and insult their customers. This is the elitist NWO in action, via a CIA CEO.

Peter Prange
Peter Prange
5 months ago

When evil is coddled and spreads, countries begin to fail.

Read the book of Judges in the Bible.

Keep it up Bod Light. You are becoming a barometer of the disgust of average people.

Keep it up FOX, you are the same.

Last edited 5 months ago by Peter Prange