Tucker: “It Looks Like We’re Going to War with Iran”


Tucker said this evening that it looks like we’re going to war with Iran, and what is most ominous about this is very few Republicans, the opposition, are “pushing back.”

Lindsey Graham said he wants to join Israel in knocking Iran out of the oil business. He also said, “We’re coming for you,” Iran. As Tucker said, his colleagues in the Senate agree with him.

[It’s not clear what Lindsey thinks other nations in the Middle East, China, North Korea, and Russia will do while we’re blowing up Iran.]

As Tucker noted in the clip below, no one in this is acting out of America’s interests. he spoke with Col. Macgregor about it.

Col. Douglas Macgregor agreed that we are heading for war with Iran, and the destination is Armageddon, and no one is talking about the repercussions.

They’re talking about shutting down 2-3 million barrels of oil a day. Consider what that will do to the economy. Also, Iran has an arsenal of missiles that can reach 1200 miles out. The warheads can do enormous damage, like take-out blocks in Tel Aviv.

“There is no thinking anywhere from what I can tell,” Macgregor said.

When Tucker asked what would happen to the United States if we started bombing Iran’s infrastructure, Macgregor said they’d target our bases in Syria and Iraq, and this time, they wouldn’t miss. We could expect trouble here at home, and Russia would not remain silent.

Turkey, as the leader of the Sunni Muslims, and Assad would get involved.

[At the same time, our borders are wide open, and all sorts of anonymous young men are pouring in. No one is thinking at all, as Macgregor says].

There is much more in the clip.

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