Tucker Hammers Journalist Who Thinks Fake News Is A-OK


Tucker Carlson hammers Fortune Magazine writer.

Tucker Carlson hammered journalist Matthew Ingram who came on to Tucker’s show to defend Buzzfeed for publishing a salacious and obviously fake news story about Donald Trump. He told Ingram “you have low standards if you support publishing this.”

Ingram is a senior writer for the left-wing Fortune Magazine. He has also worked for Gigaom.com, the Globe, The London Free Press, and the Daily Mail, among others. He said he would publish this fake story if it came to him.

This is what we have in the world of journalism today. Whatever they do is okay. They’re feeding us garbage.

We excised the illogical statements by Ingram but you can listen to them on the video. Tucker’s comments were worth recording.

Tucker Hammered This Guy

Tucker said the following in between the circuitous reasoning of the dishonest reporter who helps supply us with lies masquerading as news.

“It’s been denied by everyone involved, there’s no evidence that it was true. It was written as campaign opposition research by a private-sector guy in great Britain. We think. He was not a member of Mi-6, this is not intelligence information. We scoop up all kinds of rumor innuendo as you know, all the time. I don’t think we would publish that kind of rumor stuff about Hillary Clinton, would we?”

“So why is this different?”

Name a major news organization that published knowingly untrue information about Hillary Clinton that came from an intelligence source. I don’t know what you’re talking about.


“I am merely saying that this is not a product of British intelligence, it is a product of a private company in London. The Hillary emails, not a single one was proven wrong. Not one. Lots of news organizations passed on it. But when this is proved totally false, one person is saying this is true. No one is standing up to say it’s true, including the man who reportedly wrote it. Would you publish it yourself if you were running a news organization?”

Ingram said,“Yes.”

“Then you have low standards,” Tucker continued. “I’m sorry. It’s not a defense of Trump, I wouldn’t do it to Obama or Hillary.”

“This is a document that made up a briefing by all the senior intelligence agencies in the United States for the president of the United States. This is an important document that has been circulating to the highest levels of U.S. government.”


“You are throwing words around that you don’t understand. This came across John McCain’s desk and he passed it by his own admission to the director of the FBI who sent it up to chain because who knows what this is. Not one person implicated and said I have evidence that this is true. There’s no evidence  that is true. It is almost certainly false. For political reasons, you think it is okay.”

Let’s Smear Ingram

I could write on this blog saying this guy is married to a goat and some of you readers could say it’s true. That would make it okay to publish by Ingram’s standards. Rumors about Obama and Michelle are pretty vulgar, should they be published? Ingram’s an ass.

He’s saying that because it reached the highest levels, it’s okay to publish unverified gossip.

We as Americans can’t evaluate information that is rumor paid for by political assassins. Americans need facts not unsubstantiated gossip.

Listen to him.


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