Tucker obliterates lying Western media covering for China & the virus origins


There is strong evidence the coronavirus originated in a level 4 Wuhan laboratory after an accident. The media is still deflecting or calling it an outlier since they are in full support of China and Chinese propaganda.

Bret Baier said on Wednesday during his show, ‘Special Report’ that this story will explode once the details are revealed (see the last clip). Not only has China and the WHO director lied about the origins of the disease to the world, but they delayed telling the world how contagious it was for at least six days, critical days.

A paper in February by Chinese researchers indicates the source of the infection was likely the lab. The lab does use the horseshoe bats believed to be the source of the virus, and the wet markets do not use them.

When Senator Cotton said he thought the Wuhan lab was the possible culprit, he was put down with harsh criticism. The NY Times and Washington Post used a microbiologist to say it was a natural virus, but what they didn’t report is this same scientist did think it was possible it came about as an accident in the lab.

When the Communists don’t tell us for days or weeks or months, it does, in fact, become a bioweapon, no matter their intentions.

In the opening monologue of last night’s show, Tucker obliterated the naysayers who harshly criticized Senator Tom Cotton as he raised suspicions.


The original report came from the intelligence community to Fox News. Bret Baier broke it on Special Report. You can hear that on this clip:

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