Tucker on America’s Main Enemies


The Tucker interview at Human Events with Jack Posobiec is worth watching. Tucker takes the viewer through his work history and growth as a political commentator from George Bush to the present day. Bush convinced people giving China favored nation status and launching wars were patriotic. Tucker mentioned anti-Trump troll Bill Kristol, a “weird little’ man who got his job at The Weekly Standard through nepotism and was terrified of Pat Buchanan. Tucker dutifully wrote hit pieces on Buchanan on his orders, for which he later apologized to Buchanan, who is now his friend.

He and Posobiec discussed the banks and their role in destroying the country. Between the ideological Left and the Chamber of Commerce-tied GOP, they operate freely, paying half the taxes of everyone else.

He sees the transgender issue and ‘white people bad’ as distractions from the financial ruin we face.

“It’s all about tranny this or tranny that, or white people are bad or whatever. But underneath all of those distractions is the fact that people are getting much poorer. And the one thing you’re really not allowed to say, for real, after the foreign policy stuff, which is obviously verboten, but domestically, the one thing you can’t say is the banks are kind of — why are the banks our friends? They’re not.

They don’t pay their fair share.

And they’re getting, you know, the finance world is getting taxed at half the rate as the people who work like you and me. I get paid a lot, so I guess it’s fine, but it’s still offensive that they pay half the rate. Why should they pay half the rate? Are they twice as virtuous as I am or anyone else with a job? They’re not, actually, they’re a little less virtuous…

That’s, and [the oligarchs are] desperately like, like, oh no, ‘it’s the whites’ fault. Hate the whites.’ It’s like some guy making 50 grand a year in Iowa. He’s the problem. And you know that it’s clearly very effective, and a lot of people do hate the whites because they believe the propaganda.

But underneath it all, I think they hate the banks more. And the hate the white stuff is, I don’t think it can last forever. Someone’s gonna be like, all right, okay, you hate the whites, great. Whites are bad, but the banks are really bad. Another reason you don’t have a house or a car. Well, this is why.”

Posobiec added, “To your point though, this is why you see, like, Citibank and Bank of America, and they’re all funding what? Black Lives Matter, of course.”

Corporations, in general, are not our friends, and they no longer try to prove otherwise.

Tucker said something else striking. He noted that Trump is a traditional guy, and if they succeed in defeating him, the next guy will be worse from their perspective. As he said, people are going to get hurt.

All of this was so unnecessary, but greed and the yearning for power are strong motivators.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

Posobiec and Tucker are a powerful combination.

Kristol is similar to Shapiro and Levin, they are all fake conservatives who support wars and Israel, while they viciously attack real conservatives and conservative policies. A difference is that Kristol is now fully exposed and has no effective forum.

Recall the 51 intel people who insisted that the Hunter laptop story was Russian disinformation. That was an intel organized event.

What about the national review hit pieces on Trump, such as the front page denunciation of him just before the 2016 election? Wasn’t that also an intel operation? Why else would a “conservative” publication denounce the most conservative candidate in years? Andrew McCarthy joined in there with Kristol and others. As a former FBI man, he certainly has intel connections.