Hardcore Leftists Teach Judges How to Handle Global Warming


A hardcore Left-wing climate group is training judges on how to handle global warming cases with as little notice as possible. The Environmental Law Institute “is “preparing the bench to understand the science and ensure justice in the new legal environment,” Fox News reports.

The Washington, D.C.-based Environmental Law Institute (ELI) created the Climate Judiciary Project (CJP) in 2018 to allegedly give “reliable, up-to-date information” about climate change litigation.

They are aiming for oil and gas companies.

Fox said they have given 42 events and reached  1700 judges and the 1st,2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th federal circuits, some based in New York City, Boston, and Puerto Rico. At the same time, as did Obama, Biden is filling up the courts with far-left judges.

Influence Watch said they’ve reached 3,000 judges.

“As the body of climate litigation grows, judges must consider complex scientific and legal questions, many of which are developing rapidly,” CJP states on its website. “To address these issues, the Climate Judiciary Project of the Environmental Law Institute is collaborating with leading national judicial education institutions to meet judges’ need for basic familiarity with climate science methods and concepts.”

“We are developing and disseminating a climate science and law curriculum and are conducting seminars and educational programs in collaboration with leading climate scientists and legal experts,” it adds. “The goal of our project is to provide neutral, objective information to the judiciary about the science of climate change as it is understood by the expert scientific community and relevant to current and future litigation.”

This entire climate emergency is a scam.

ELI claims they want to ensure justice and are pushing the lie that minorities need “climate justice.” That is a Marxist-based ideology. They are blaming poverty and crime on the climate.

The Left is determined to destroy our energy sector as quickly as possible.

Influence Watch describes them this way:

Environmental Law Institute (ELI) is a left-of-center environmentalist legal advocacy organization. ELI runs a judicial education program to teach judges left-of-center climate policy and an environmental justice initiative to teach the far-left concept of “environmental justice.” The organization also supports the critical race theory-influenced concept of racial justice. ..

ELI operates the Climate Judiciary Project and has provided training and resources to more than 3,000 judges in 28 countries on climate-related issues. ELI also runs the Environmental Justice Initiative. The initiative’s reading list includes books written by far-left activist Saul Alinsky, titles on “principles for environmental justice,” materials on democratic organizing, and an “equitable and just” national climate platform. 

They have tentacles:

Environmental Law Institute has various partner and member organizations. Its interest members include the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Earthjustice, EarthX, Environmental Defense FundEnvironmental Law and Policy CenterOcean ConservancySouthern Environmental Law Center, Wyoming Outdoor Council, Alliance for the Great Lakes, Center for Climate and Energy SolutionsCenter for Progressive Reform, The Conservation Fund, Conservation Law Foundation, Eastern Environmental Law Center, Environmental Integrity Project, Midwest Environmental Advocates, National Whistleblower Center, New Mexico Environmental Law Center, OceanaSierra ClubSouth Carolina Environmental Law Protect, Upstate Forever, and the Watershed Institute. 

The Left has worked on this for a long time. It’s a scam.

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1 month ago

More woes cometh to the EU. Not the place you want to be or once was. They had better think fast. The road to hell is in disguise as good intentions.