Tucker on the “Rigged” Election and Rule by Intel Agency


During an interview with Adam Corolla, Tucker says definitively that the election was rigged and explains why he believes that. Tucker Carlson and Adam Corolla discuss the Schumer clip where he says the intel agencies wil retaliate against Donald Trump if he angers them.

Tucker says, “I don’t know how you can, in the same sentence, say ‘I’m for democracy’ and then say actually our country is run by a shadowy Intel agency no one elected and no one has oversight over.”


COROLLA: I have so many questions. …Did the interview with Tony Bobulinski. we’re coming right up on three years, and it didn’t move the needle in terms of the electorate. And CNN and all the powers that be, and the CIA and the FBI did a good enough job of getting the letter together and getting the 51 former security experts to sign off on it, and Twitter and … big social media and all that … they did a magnificent job of taking that story three years ago and burying it. I don’t think they could do that today, do you?

TUCKER: “It’s amazing to me that any honest person of good faith could look at the facts that the largest and most powerful Intel agency and largest most powerful law enforcement agency in the world, the US government agency, the CIA and FBI, rigged this election by suppressing that.

And just stop there. By telling the social media companies not to permit it, by lying in public, they rigged the election. So how could you – and leaving aside any questions about electronic voting machines – which are fair questions in my opinion and stopping the count on election night – if all you knew was that – how could you say that was a legitimate election? It’s not a legitimate election, and if that was happening in Moldova or Belarus or Congo, the State Department would issue a statement saying that was not a free and fair election.

“We did not have a free and fair election. And I’m sorry. I don’t care if Trump is boring about it or whatever. I’m reaching this conclusion independently based on the facts that I witnessed. That was a rigged election, and I hope that we never have another one because it’s corroding the systems that we need to prevent civil war.”


Carlson and Corolla discussed the warning by Schumer that the intel agencies would get even with Donald Trump.

COROLLA: “…I always think about this clip, and I’m sure you’ve seen it too. Where Schumer was on with Rachel Maddow in January 2017 and basically said, ‘Why is Trump agitating the CIA and FBI, these agencies? Why is he agitating?’ And then he says the quiet part out loud, ‘They will destroy you,’ which I think turned out to be a lot of what we saw. But at the very end, it’s a little part I missed and I think we should give it a quick listen.

Schumer says in the clip:

“They have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you. So even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he’s being really dumb to do this.”

The host then asked Schumer:  What do you think the intelligence community would do?

Schumer responded:

“I don’t know, but from what I am told, they are very upset with how he has treated them, and talked about them. And we need the intelligence community. We don’t know what’s got – look at the Russian hacking. Without the intelligence community, we wouldn’t have discovered it.

COROLLA: Then he goes on to cite something that didn’t happen that the intelligence community cooked up [Russiagate] to take down Trump as an example of why we need them!

TUCKER: That’s the end of democracy, and I don’t know how you can, in the same sentence, say ‘I’m for democracy’ and then say actually our country is run by a shadowy Intel agency no one elected and no one has oversight over.

…it’s not a Democratic Republic if the CIA can punish you as an elected president for doing things that they don’t like. They’re your employees. Speaking of the housekeeper taking over the house. They’re like your housekeeper. Shut up and make the bed. Like the point of the CIA as originally conceived was to inform the president of what’s going on around the world so he can make better foreign policy decisions. So, the Intel gathering apparatus of the US president – they work for him.

They have no constitutional legitimacy outside of him. Our system is super simple. The people who are elected by the public have all the power. They have employees to whom they delegate that power to get things done. But those employees have no independent power at all and no independent legitimacy. The CIA is a totally illegitimate criminal organization unless it is following precisely the orders of the elected president Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t matter.

So he’s describing a crime and the people committing that crime should be in prison for a long time…

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