Popular San Francisco Restaurant Closes as the City Collapses


Once a beautiful, peaceful place, a paradise, San Francisco continues its descent. It is the first city to devolve under progressives.

A very popular eatery in San Francisco’s Mission District closed its doors this week after more than 16 years. Gracias Madre had no choice due to the city’s deteriorating conditions.

“Our mission was always to honor the mothers who give so much to serve, care for, and live in hope for their families, especially those of Mexico. It has been an honor to work on behalf of their generosity and sacrifice all these years.” That’s part of the note that was posted outside the restaurant.

The note continued, “The condition of life in San Francisco has deteriorated and made running a small business nearly impossible.”

Betty YU, a CBS News reporter, quoted the restaurant’s general manager, Joseph Donahue. He said that many people found it “a little bit too dangerous” to visit the restaurant at night due to the lack of parking spaces, and if people did manage to find a place to park, the thought of someone breaking into their vehicle kept them on edge.

“So a lot of customers did say that they wouldn’t come at night.”

San Francisco is no longer a free city. It’s dangerous because they don’t enforce laws and allow rampant drugging. Many businesses are closing, stores and apartment buildings remain empty. The city could be brought back with proper leadership, but the residents won’t vote it in.

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