Tucker says he’d bet Andrew Cuomo will take Biden’s place


Tucker Carlson said on the No BS News Hour Friday that he believes Joe Biden “will not be the Democratic nominee on Election Day.” He thinks Andrew Cuomo will be.

Cuomo runs New York like a dictator and is very far-left.

“Well, the math doesn’t work, but it’s not about math. It’s about will,” Carlson said during Charlie LeDuff’s podcast.

“So the Democratic Party is intent on taking power, period, period, and they mean it, and they’re willing to do kind of whatever they think works,” he continued. “I mean that’s demonstrable.”

“He shouldn’t be working still,” Carlson added of Biden. “I’m not being mean. I know him. I’ve always liked him. But that’s true. And so those are two trains traveling toward each other at high speed, two competing imperatives. We’ve got to win, but we’ve got a guy who can’t win. Therefore, they’re gonna replace him.”

“This is not the guy I’ve known, and you can ask anybody who knows him or has watched him,” he continued. “This is not him. He’s a completely different person, and he’s in decline, and I feel bad about it. That’ll be me someday. … I hope somebody loves me enough to not let me run for president.”

He’s the guy I’ve known, just a little worse.

Carlson added, “If I had to bet, I would think Andrew Cuomo would be the most likely to replace Biden.”

Cuomo thinks America was never great. He has said that. At one point, he basically said there was no place in New York pro-life and pro-gun people. Will he say that to Americans if he’s President?

If Biden makes it to November and gets the requisite delegates, Democrats are probably stuck with him. He will pick a woman as a running mate, perhaps a black woman, and everyone will look to her as the real candidate. We see Kamala Harris or [communist] Stacey Abrams in that role.

All bets are off if Joe doesn’t get the 1900 delegates. We see Hillary Clinton trying to step up to the plate. Would Michelle Obama step up?

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