Cuomo Uses His Bully Pulpit to Spread Anti-Conservative Propaganda


“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
— George Orwell

We already posted one article about Cuomo’s interview in The Capitol Pressroom but that is hardly enough. He wants conservatives to get out of New York. So what? Who cares? I want him to leave as much as he wants me to leave.

What I find far more troublesome is his use of propaganda. He is hate mongering and spreading propaganda like a tin pot dictator.

He wants to eliminate any opposition to his ideology by demeaning them and lying about them. He is feathering his totalitarian nest.

Cuomo intends to limit the scope of New York government to include the far-left, the left, and he might tolerate some liberal Republicans.

Besides telling conservatives to get out of New York during the interview, he repeatedly conflated disparate entities, pretending they were equal: if you are conservative, you are an extremist; if you support marriage between one man and one woman, you are anti-gay.

He pigeon-holed and labeled all conservatives under one banner though there are many different opinions among conservatives on fiscal and social issues.

Cuomo began his rant by saying there are two choices for Republicans, they can either be moderate, which means those who agree with him, or they can be extremist conservatives. He did later mention the existence of moderate conservatives in passing.

Cuomo said the problem with the Republicans is there is a battle between extreme Republicans (conservatives) and moderates.

Do you know what it takes to be an extreme conservative in his view? If you dislike the SAFE Act which infringes on our Second Amendment rights, if you are right-to-life (Cuomo favors abortion to the moment of birth), if you like assault weapons (which are nothing more than rifles with scopes and one other embellishment), or if you are anti-gay, then you are an extremist.

The anti-gay label needs to be addressed first. He grossly over-simplified the issue. Most conservatives are NOT anti-gay. Many support a definition of marriage as between a man and a woman. That isn’t anti-gay.

On gay marriage, 53% of New Yorkers support it, not the 70% or 80% Cuomo alleged.

Cuomo basically said that if you are pro-life, you are an extremist. Leftists like Cuomo aren’t the extremists for wanting to kill fully-developed unborn babies. Cuomo misused statistics by saying that conservatives are out of step with 70% of New Yorkers. In fact, 80% of New Yorkers want sensible limitations on abortion.

He wasn’t right about New Yorkers views of the SAFE Act either. Quinnipiac polling showed that Cuomo expended political capital pushing that bill through in the dead of night, literally. Cuomo reduced the absurdities of the SAFE Act into an argument about assault rifles. That’s a lie. The Act is so much more extreme than that.

Benevolent dictator that he is, he said moderate Republicans have some role in New York. How kind. I guess they don’t have to move with the rest of us “extremists.”

Cuomo kept raving about moderate Republicans, some of whom are donating to his campaign, but he is really talking about Republicans who are ideologically in the same place as him or who are too afraid of him. He thinks Republicans are afraid of conservatives, isn’t it also likely that they are afraid of him?


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