Tucker Slams RFK Attacks in Ep. 6


In Ep.6 of Tucker on Twitter, Tucker Carlson exposes the Democrats’ attack on presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy. Tucker addressed the harsh scrutiny that media outlets have leveled at RFK. You’d think RFK was a Republican.

Tucker notes that the New York Times, CBS, NPR, and the LA Times have condemned him for “shaking Americans’ faith in science.” He is spreading views that are “misleading and dangerous,” He’s a “threat to democracy.”


“The LA Times called him a threat to democracy. At the offices of national public radio in Washington, a full-blown category 5 hysteria typhoon broke out,” Tucker said in Ep.6.

“NPR devoted an entire segment to savaging Kennedy not just as a candidate but as a human being. NPR described him as someone who, for his own perverse reasons, has made quote, “debunked and false and misleading claims that undermine trust in vaccines.” And who, in his spare time, provides moral support to crazed extremists who quote rally under the banner of what they call liberty or freedom.“

“People magazine didn’t even bother to report a single word of anything Kennedy said at his announcement. And instead wrote an entire story about how his relatives hate him. Kennedy’s younger sister Carrie, the magazine reported solemnly, does not approve of Bobby Jr’s harmful views.

“His harmful views, Bobby Kennedy’s thoughts alone, are evil enough to hurt people. That’s been the tone of the media coverage around Bobby Kennedy Jr. for the past 18 years, since July of 2005. That’s the moment that Kennedy published a magazine article suggesting there might be a link between the rise in diagnosed autism cases and the ever-expanding schedule of mandatory childhood vaccines.”


Tucker talked about Kennedy’s appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and Vice.com demanding Spotify take it down. They railed against its “vaccine misinformation.” Spotify refused.

An irrational MSNBC talking head, Dr. Hotez, took the interview badly, attacking Kennedy online.

Dr. Peter Hotez’s reaction to the Rogan interview led Joe Rogan to ask him to debate in exchange for $100,000 to his favorite charity. When Hotez declined, other scientists jumped in and raised the ante to over one million dollars to debate.

Despite all the attacks, Kennedy has 20% of the Democrat vote. They’re lining up to go to his events.

As Tucker says, when people like Hotez refuse to debate, they fool no one.

An Economist poll indicates that he is more popular than either major party frontrunner.

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