Tucker slams the Biden speech loved by the town drunks


The left is trying to brainwash people into believing Joe Biden’s speech was more memorable than that of any president before him. In fact, it was something that could have been written by an 8th grader. It said nothing and was filled with trite nothing-isms, and hackneyed phrases. Mostly, it was a compilation of meaningless words, like his use of the word ‘unity.’ Tucker dealt with it brilliantly last night on his show, Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Tucker said, “There were solemn speeches, sworn oaths, belted anthems, all echoing against the backdrop of 26,000 smartly attired federal troops guarding our capital city from unseen threats. It was quite a display, a lot to take in, really.”

“If you watched and listened to most of the media coverage, you got the impression that Joe Biden will bring hope and decency back to America and fill the yawning void where empathy should be. His arms, lean and hard from decades of empathetic labor on our behalf, will encircle us like lights from the Lincoln Memorial. Joe Biden and his wife Jill are the father and mother of this nation, may their names emerge from our lips in praise forever. And so on.”

Watching the media was like watching “the town drunk throw up on themselves,” he joked. We like that expression and think we should call the media the ‘town drunks’ from now on.

Carlson also pointed to the meaningless unity message, agreeing that “unity is what is desperately needed in America. But there’s a catch, there always is…unity doesn’t mean the same thing to each side, and unity doesn’t mean that every person in the United States is an American citizen.”


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