Tucker takes on Pelosi for calling the President fat


Watch Tucker Carlson slam Speaker Pelosi after she called the President “morbidly obese.”

As for Tucker saying Nancy Pelosi looks 37, we do think there is some airbrushing and botoxing going on. Surgery too! We wonder if she has her own live-in plastic surgeon hoisting it all up each day.


President Trump also responded to Pelosi, saying he doesn’t respond to her since she’s a waste of time.



  1. Maybe the Botox went to her head or the CCP supplied a script to the third in line for the throne of the best government that money can buy.
    Clueless San Fran Nan will bring back the peach mint horse because unoriginal is her name.
    She is probably like Hillary at this point, believing in her inevitability and magnificence as destined to rule over the deplorable kulak untermenschen scum.

  2. That bitch didn’t look 37 when she was thirty-seven. It’s obvious she had plastic surgery again and it doesn’t help. Her eyebrows are almost at the top of her head now;)

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