Tucker: The Ukrainian Government Is Torturing a US Citizen


Tucker Carlson has taken up the case of Gonzalo Lira, an American imprisoned in Ukraine for speaking against the administration.

Ukrainian President Zelensky’s government arrested Lira, a U.S. citizen with dual US-Chile citizenship for speech crimes. Gonzalo Lira lives in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and his speech crimes under US law are not crimes and fall under the 1st Amendment rights. He is a critic of Mr. Zelensky and the war, but he claims his anger stems from Zelensky’s failure to end this war early on.

Mr. Lira is a writer and YouTube commentator. A number of his YouTube videos appear to be gone.

Naturally, he’s being called a Russian propagandist. He should have left Ukraine, but felt he had an important mission. The Zelensky government arrested him for allegedly justifying Russia’s invasion.

Joe Biden has made no effort to get him freed, even though he is an American citizen. Mr. Lira’s family cannot communicate with him and the US Embassy will not respond. This is not normal.

Mr. Lira was imprisoned after he criticized Joe Biden.


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2 months ago

It should be no surprise Tucker is supporting him. They both have similar attitudes regarding Israel. Lira is just more brash and outspoken about it.