Tucker warns of the dark, insane world we will live in should Trump lose


Tucker Carlson warned viewers watching his show last night that the President could lose and the days of landslide elections are over. The country is as divided as it ever was and we could be left with an insane Democrat.


Democrats have “gone crazy,” but pointing it out is not enough to win, he says. If Sanders pledges to forgive student loans, he will win many former Trump voters.

Tucker noted that we need to defend American values, as Democrats wage the most aggressive possible campaign against values most normal people think are virtuous.

Carlson said, “They are promising to undo our justice system, emptying our prisons, even as they undermine the police and strip you of the right to defend yourself, they’re openly inviting chaos. They want to give the vote to convicted felons, even murderers, they said that.”

“They think so little of this country that they’re pledging to open our borders to the world. Every impoverished nation in the world is welcomed here for free healthcare paid for by you.”

“They’re opposed to free speech. They’re stridently for abortion up to the moment of birth. They want Americans assorted into creepy little categories according to their DNA, judged, rewarded, punished on the basis of their sex and skin color. They don’t simply deny the existence of biological sex, they’re trying to force you to deny it too. You’ll be fired if you disagree or have your kids taken from you.”

“Democrats aren’t promising change. They’re promising REVOLUTION. Centuries of American history and customs — abolished. A nation starting over from scratch, near zero. That’s a fact. It’s simply what they’re calling for. These people are for that.”

It’s even worse than what Tucker describes. We are looking at Stalinism. It will mean a tremendous loss of freedom. Too many Americans will vote for whoever gets them out of debt.



Carlson is concerned that because of a booming economy and the “freak show” that is the Democratic primary, some Republicans are “starting to think victory is assured.”

Saying “that is a mistake,” Carlson warned. Republicans need to know that President Trump “could lose.”

“America remains as divided as it was three years ago, so no matter what happens, nobody is going to win this election in a national landslide,” he opined. “Those don’t happen anymore.”

He thinks the deciding factor will be what the President runs on. While he has done a lot for the economy, only 31% of Republicans believe their lives are better three years later. That is according to Pew, and I’m not sure if we can totally trust that poll.

“Consider the state of the economy,” he said. “The big numbers, unemployment, and inflation, to name two, tell one story, and it’s a good story, but dig a little deeper.”

“In that survey, 56% of Americans said the economy was excellent or good, and that’s good news,” Carlson explained. “But then there was this — only 31% said the economy was helping them and their families. Just 32% thought the current economy was helping the middle class… 58% thought the opposite.”

“Among lower-income Republicans, 47% said economic conditions are hurting them,” he added. “Just 30% said they were helping.”

Carlson went on to say that for a lot of the middle-class, wages are not keeping up with expenses.

“The candidate who makes it easier for a 30-year-old to get married and have kids will win the election. And will deserve to win,” he said. “Remember that.”

“Improve people’s lives and they will vote for you. Period. Republicans ought to write that on their hands,” Carlson emphasized.

The alternative, he pointed out, is “the lunacy on display on the left, right now.”


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