Tucker: “You Are Watching the Detonation of Our Country”


The clip below is Dan Bongino interviewing Tucker Carlson, Pt.1 and 2. They discuss the death of the media and the country. The transcript takes you almost to the end of Pt. 1.

Tucker isn’t sure the old model of communication continues. Media has no credibility, people don’t want to watch it, and personalities prefer a free press not governed by corporations. Corporations signing up with the government and totalitarian goals was a mistake.

Livestream is the future.

Bongino noted that the Gallup poll shows the discontent in the media began in 2016 with Donald Trump, who exposed it.

Tucker said it’s not just that the media is dishonest. They are cruel and want to hurt you. They cheered the murder of Ashli Babbitt. These are “your blood enemies.”

Bongino said the Russia hoax was the biggest fraud. He mentioned that Trump is a germaphobe, so how did people think the pee tape was real?” He answered his own question – the media didn’t fall for it. They lied.

Tucker condemned the glee the media expressed over Rush Limbaugh’s death on the day he died. Tucker thinks they don’t respect life and believes “they want to kill you.”


“They [media] celebrated,” Tucker said. they literally celebrated” Rush Limbaugh’s death. “Now I’m thinking maybe you don’t like Rush Limbaugh. I knew Rush Limbaugh and liked him a lot, but you know I share his politics. Maybe lots of people die I don’t like, but to celebrate a man’s death on the day he dies suggests a level of cruelty and sort of inhuman disregard for another person.

If you don’t respect death, you don’t respect life, and these people don’t. And again, I think they have genocidal instincts. I mean, they’d like the old America to go away. They say that all the time. That’s what the anti-white stuff is about. What do you think that is? Like, where did that come from? I mean, that’s the desire to kill you, and I don’t think I’m overstating it at all.”

Bongino was funny in his depiction of the Hunter laptop, which 51 intel officials backed up which introduced his next question.

Tucker responded to it, saying we are trying to find out what’s real. Why would you wreck your own country? As these anonymous people pour in, “you are watching the detonation of our country.

“We’re all in the middle of a process of rethinking our assumptions about the country, what’s real, who’s on my side, you know, where is this going? What’s the point of this? Like, why would you wreck your own country, which they’ve done, obviously, and tens of millions of people from Africa and Latin America you know nothing about, when we don’t need the labor, of course? What is that?

“And, of course, what you’re watching is like the intentional detonation of the United States, but why would anyone want to do that? I mean, these are very deep questions; I think about them all the time; I don’t think that they have political answers – I think it’s deeper than that, but whatever. It’s hard to digest. I guess that’s the only point I’m making – it’s hard to digest, there’s too much, it’s too horrible, it’s not we’re not disagreeing about tax rates here. We’re talking about the deaths of whole populations; it’s really heavy and hard to deal with.”

Bongino brought up the intentional nature of what is happening to our borders, currency, and children.

Tucker said, “The point that you often make is really important, that it’s not about hypocrisy; it’s about hierarchy. If you take three steps back, what you’re watching is the end of Western ideas supplanted by Eastern ideas..the core Western idea is Universalism. We have principles that apply to everybody; it doesn’t matter what you look like…Everybody is treated exactly the same because we’re all created by God. This is the basic Christian idea, and we all have certain inalienable rights that govern the relationship between the State to the citizen. So that’s the Western understanding.

“The Eastern understanding, which is what we’re living under now, is that there’s no permanent God-given hierarchy – some groups are better, inherently better than others, and they deserve better treatment, and therefore they live by different standards. It’s… not just that these people are like getting away with [it] because they can. They have a different worldview. They believe that certain groups, certain ethnicities, races… but I’m like wait, you just built some Martin Luther King memorial that says we’re all the same underneath, right? Right?

“But you’re now telling us that some races are better than others. Like, what is this? But what it is is the end of the basic Western understanding of – the Christian understanding of – the world and people [insult] Christianity all the time, of course, but you don’t need to be a Christian to see the benefit of living in a Christian country. In a Christian country, universal principles reign, and the core assumption is we’re all morally equal, not in our actions – some people are good in the way they act, some are bad – but our moral value is the same, and the people who run the country don’t.”

They discussed white privilege. “I grew up right on the southern border, actually very close to Tijuana, and we did not talk about race. I’m speaking for myself. Never thought about it. I certainly wasn’t anti-Mexican…I like Mexicans to this day…I really like Mexicans, but whatever.

“They have forced the whole country to talk about race constantly and attack whites constantly and then tell you that you’re going to be a minority. Yes, you’re going to be mistreated, and no, you can’t complain about it. And at that point, you’re like, what exactly are we looking at? Oh, you’re trying to kill me. I mean, any other race if they talked about Jews this way or Filipinos… pick any group members of that group of people like, wow, man, you kind of wanna kill me, don’t you? Because you sound like you do, you act like you do, you’re freaking me out. You’re making me paranoid.

“If you are paranoid about that, however, it’s a federal crime; it’s funny you’re going to jail for that, so like, what are we looking at? … South Africa is the country that they loved most, and American liberals brought about an end to apartheid, OK? “We’re deeply involved in the process of reconstruction after 1994 in South Africa. What happened next? Well, they haven’t really told us much about it.

“Do you know anyone who lives in South Africa? Who’s white? Well, it’s hell because you are mistreated, you’re discriminated against, and you are very often killed. ..what the hell are we looking at here, and why can’t anyone talk about it?

“The fact you can’t talk about makes it even scarier and weirder. What are these people thinking, and why are they so hostile?

They also discussed the threat of the assassination of Donald Trump.

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1 month ago

The Pedo Biden crime regime rolls on with Invasion USA as Congress is concerned about their quid pro quo kickbacks. Patriots keep the pressure on God bless you Tucker and Dan.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 month ago

Tucker is being too polite, it is not Western values against Eastern values, it is civilized values against much less civilized values.

The left is now decivilizing the west ( maybe decivilizing is not a word but it should be )

murdering babies, removing genitals on teenagers, saying maths is racist, hiring people for the color of their skin instead of based on their qualifications, throwing your political opponent in prison ( or trying to ) , the list goes on and on

all of those things are if not barbaric or medieval, they are certainly far from civilized.

the left is anti-civlisation, they are decivilizing the west and fast.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

Tucker showed after leaving Faux News that it was the RINO network which was holding him back.

The destruction of the USA is well underway, and hope will not change that.

The elites now have a huge army of invaders in the USA, ready to riot nationwide like never before.